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Rebstar - Safe Safe
Safe Safe (Acoustic)
All Night
Play My Song
Without You



   dxjkshdieskrjursasss   AllHipHop just premiered this lil song of ours.. Link is on @saintxvintage profile^
   rosengård^  vintage le gang^
 hej  if i want it i got it^  and you, you, you, and you^



Made in Sweden

Malmo, Sweden isn’t exactly considered a Hip-Hop hotbed but it’s the birthplace of Rebstar, one of the fastest rising new artists in the industry. No longer is Rap music confined to the streets of New York or the stages of Los Angeles. Rap music and Hip-Hop culture have captivated the globe and for proof one needs to look no further than Rebstar.

Growing up in Sweden, Rebstar was introduced to the English language that would fuel his rhymes at an early age. His mother insisted he enroll in an international elementary school that taught English, hoping that it would afford him more opportunities in the future. Rebstar made his way through school eventually deciding to move to the UK to study law. As he hit the books hard, Rebstar couldn’t shake the feeling that he was meant to pursue music full-time and decided to drop out of law school and move back to Sweden.

Upon returning home, Rebstar took the first step towards making his music dreams come true by establishing his own label Today Is Vintage. With an aggressive determination and a lifelong passion on his back, Rebstar released his debut single “Without You” featuring Grammy-nominated singer Trey Songz. The song exploded onto the scene, garnering airplay all over the globe. The accompanying video racked up over 6 million views online cementing Rebstar as one to watch.

Rarely do you hear about Swedish hip hop overseas. Unless you’re talking about Rebstar. With songs and videos raking up millions of views, garnering airplay on radio stations worldwide, Rebstar has managed to reach uncharted waters for a European independent artist, let alone a Swedish rapper.

Every scar becomes a song. It is therefore no surprise that the young heartthrob has several albums worth of material. Much is unknown about the rising star who rarely grants interviews – a conscious choice to keep the self-narrative in the music raw and unabridged, leaving nothing unsaid in his songs.

Born as Rebin Shah, the multi-lingual Swedish phenomenon has already collaborated with international superstars and Grammy-winning producers, independently. Constantly in the presence of greatness, it’s only a matter of time before the whole world tunes into Sweden’s best kept secret.

I don’t make music because I want to. I do it because I have no choice. Every scar becomes a song.



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